Strategic Communications

Berkeley Lab’s Strategic Communications team shares stories about the Lab’s discoveries, priorities, and outreach with the Lab’s partners and supporters everywhere, and helps build an engaged, collaborative, and inclusive employee community.

Send questions or comments to [email protected]

Development Leadership

News media:

Reach us at [email protected]

After-hours news media line: 510-486-5183

John German
Chief Communications Officer
[email protected]
Mobile: 510-697-7918
Office: 510-486-6601



Dan Krotz
Deputy Communications Officer & Manager for Science & External Communications
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-4019
Mobile: 510-220-8529
Beats: Science & External Communications, Computing Sciences



Dianne Wentworth 
Manager for Employee, Executive,& Emergency Communications
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-4014
Mobile: 925-285-4911



Rebecca Percz
Department Administrator
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-5183



News Media Relations

Laurel Kellner
Media Relations Program Lead
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-5375
Mobile: 510-590-8034



Social Media & Photography

Kelly Owen
Social Media & Multimedia Projects
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-6249



Multimedia Communications

Marilyn Sargent
Videography, Photography, & Multimedia Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-5731




Science Writing & Communications

Julie Chao
Science Communications Lead
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-6491
Beats: Energy Technologies, Earth & Environmental Sciences



Theresa Duque
Science Communications & Media Relations Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-495-2418
Beats: Energy Sciences, Materials Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Molecular Foundry



Aliyah Kovner
Science Communications & Media Relations Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-6601
Beats: Biosciences, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Joint Genome Institute



Glenn Roberts Jr.
Science Communications & Media Relations Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-5582
Beats: Physics, Engineering, Nuclear Science, Accelerators, Advanced Light Source



Employee, Executive, & Emergency Communications

Lyn Hunter
Senior Editor & Digital Publisher
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-4698
Editor for Elements, Lab homepage



Dawn Robinson
Executive Communications Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-486-6679
Mobile: 510-409-3831



Tiffany Win
Employee Communications Specialist
[email protected]




Ruby Barcklay
Research Communications Specialist
[email protected]
Office: 510-365-5751