Person in black suit stands at a podium in front of flags and a large pink building.

Michael Witherell is a leading physicist with a distinguished career in teaching, research, and leadership of complex organizations. He was named director of Berkeley Lab by the UC Board of Regents in January 2016.

Person with auburn hair in a gray suit shakes hands with a person in a plaid, navy suit in front of two onlookers.

Carol Burns is responsible for Berkeley Lab’s research enterprise and serves as the Lab’s chief research liaison with the DOE Office of Science, the University of California, the national labs, and other key partners. She joined Berkeley Lab in August 2021.

Person in a gray suit, light blue shirt, and glasses stands at a podium and reads from a computer monitor.

Michael Brandt oversees Berkeley Lab’s operations and mission support organizations and programs. He joined Berkeley Lab in March 2018.

Our multiprogram research mission is supported by 22 scientific divisions in six research areas along with seven operations divisions.