Mary Anne Piette, a brown-haired person wearing a white collared shirt, smiles for a headshot against a dark background. The sun obscured behind smokey skies over a blue building. Three people in safety gear standing in front of a truck. Smart city and dot point connect Modern Telecom System. Lightbulbs. Panoramic view of San Francisco skyline at sunrise. Blurred car lights on a highway. Upward view of a high-performance window system with sun shining in the background. Upward view of a building with a colorful overlay. New York skyline against a sunset. Aerial view of white roofed homes and streets forming circular patterns. A hand plugs in a charging cable in an electric car. Interior view of an energy management laboratory with yellow and grey machinery. Energy meters lined up in a row. Digital rendering of an outstretch arm holding a softball-sized Earth with splashing water around the frame Boy and girl raising their hands while sitting in the class at elementary school. Collage of transit, highways, solar panels, factories, homes, and a sunrise over a prairie. Natalie Popovich, a dark-haired person wearing a colorful button up shirt, smiles against a tree.

After the Justice40 (J40) Initiative was established in 2021 by President Biden with the objective that 40% of benefits from certain federal investments go to disadvantaged communities, five scientists at Berkeley Lab played a key role in mapping out how to achieve this goal in federal programs that focus on climate change, clean energy, energy efficiency, and clean transit.

Art Rosenfeld, a physicist and Berkeley Lab Distinguished Scientist Emeritus, transformed the fledgling field of energy efficiency from a research afterthought into a scientific discipline.

Berkeley Lab scientists discuss how advances in energy storage can help us prevent extreme weather-related blackouts, adopt more renewable energy, and build bigger, better, more environmentally responsible batteries.

Two women standing at opposite sides of a colorful sewing room. Digital illustration of the world outlined in green against a dark background, with various renewable energy icons and numbers floating around. Graphic collage depicting an air conditioning unit, the earth, a spilled salt container, an arm spraying an aerosol can, and various ions and arrows in front of a orange and blue gradient background. Evening traffic in downtown Los Angeles. Oil refinery at night. View of highway at sunrise with a semi coming toward the viewer.