Colorful, abstract nebulous image. A large glowing laser table. DESI telescope at sunset. CPU desktop with the contacts facing up lying on the motherboard of the PC. the chip is highlighted with blue light. Technology background Kristin Persson, a brown-haired person wearing a black dress, points at her electrolyte genome 3D visualizations. Close up of blue and gold microchip. Reactors of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant. Photo of gloved handed adjusting a quantum fridge with gloved hands and instruments. Aerial view of people walking around colorful geothermal pools. Sorghum at the Agronomy Field. Scientist holding a sample in a small sample jar. View of the blue sky from above the clouds. Evening view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, with downtown San Francisco in the background.. Solar panels and wind turbines in front of a cityscape. Evening traffic in downtown Los Angeles. Scientist in a blue lab coat conducting experiments in a large open machine. Oil refinery at night. View of highway at sunrise with a semi coming toward the viewer. Birdseye view of waves crashing on the shore. Charlie Koven conducting fieldwork outdoors. View of Earth from space. Three scientists adjust a Cell Cartridge Inserter at the end of the BELLA PW Proton Beam LINE at the Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator. Scientist looks over plants in the EcoPOD. Green sprouts growing out from soil in the morning light. Student and mentor talking over a group of small plants in a lab. Aerial views of Berkeley Lab made using an aerial photography drone.