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ALS-U interior rendering. Artistic rendering of the exterior of the BioEPIC facility after construction. Abstract colors and cosmic microwaves. World map with interconnecting lines. Aerial view of the various underground utility lines marked by red, yellow, and green lines. Connection cables lined up against the wall. Three students in the foreground look at notes on a clipboard. The group is standing in a laboratory with other students in the background. X-ray crystallography

Superfacility is a conceptual model of seamless connection between experimental facilities and high performance computing resources–an integrated and automated system for gathering scientific data, transporting it anywhere in the blink of an eye, and analyzing it in real time. Staff at Berkeley Lab are working to standardize, automate, and scale up those processes at Berkeley Lab and, through collaboration, across the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and beyond.

An artistic illustration of a mixture of Gaussian processes and a light or particle beam passing through. The image alludes to the inner workings of the algorithm inside gpCAM, a software tool developed by researchers at Berkeley Lab's CAMERA facility to facilitate autonomous scientific discovery. Credit: Marcus Noack, Berkeley Lab Brian Quiter (left) and Kushant Patel test the physical coupling of a radiation imaging system with a Boston Dynamics Spot Robot. Two individuals leaning over an experimental lab setup. Colorful, abstract nebulous image. A large glowing laser table. Scientist looks over plants in the EcoPOD.