Person with long dark red hair wearing a pink shirt against a gray backdrop. A person with long dark hair pulled back wearing a blue collared shirt talks about their research next to their poster board at a conference.

As a Community College Intern (CCI), Bird joined Berkeley Lab’s ATLAS High Luminosity Upgrade LHC Upgrade project, making mechanical drawings that helped the ATLAS group verify their carbon fiber structural designs.

Mukul Dave, a person with short black hair with glasses wearing a dark jacket against an orange background.

At the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Mukul enables research software to make use of the Lab's GPU-enabled supercomputer for scientific simulations.

Ann Almgren, a brown-haired person wearing a dark shirt, smiles for a headshot outdoors.

Ann Almgren, one of Workforce Development & Education’s 2021 Outstanding Mentors, helps interns grow their confidence in their own futures as scientists, engineers, technologists, and STEM professionals.

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