We foster strong partnerships that guide innovations from the Lab toward the marketplace. See our quantum technologies.

“Quantum computing is cool because it allows us to simulate quantum systems — extremely small systems that are really difficult to simulate in the lab — in real experiments.”

“With this cutting-edge testbed we are asking and evaluating the basic science questions needed to guide the future development of quantum computers.”

“Berkeley Lab has the network deployment expertise and protocol knowledge to work hand-in-hand with the quantum physicists, scientists, and device and system manufacturers to ensure the right architecture is chosen to realize the DOE’s vision of a quantum Internet.”

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley will be home to a cutting-edge quantum network testbed. The goal is to build a distributed quantum network between Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley that will help realize the DOE’s vision of establishing a nationwide quantum Internet. 

Berkeley Lab Research Scientist and QSA researcher Mekena Metcalf is a quantum wrangler who develops computer software and theory to control quantum systems with electromagnetic waves. Controlling quantum systems efficiently will allow the implementation of quantum algorithms for next-generation high-performance computing, develop accurate sensors to measure elusive properties of the universe like dark matter, and teleport quantum information from one scientific facility to another.

Schrödinger’s cat is alive and well … as a guiding principle in modern quantum computers! Check out this episode of our podcast, A Day in the Half-Life, to hear what’s going on with quantum computing at Berkeley Lab.