Person in a black suit and glasses standing cross-armed in front of buildings.

Team Science

We recognize that innovative solutions to complex problems arise from a diversity of thought, approaches, experiences, and roles. Our tradition of inclusion dates to our founding director E.O. Lawrence, who pioneered the practice of team science for large, complex scientific challenges.


We are driven by a commitment to public service, excellence and solutions to the real-world challenges faced by people, the planet, and the nation.


We strive to earn the trust of the public, the scientific community, our stakeholders, and each other by safeguarding our record of excellence, integrity, safety, openness, reliability, and accountability.


We believe our success depends on the free exchange of ideas, the willingness to think differently, the freedom to take risks, the agility to respond to evolving needs, and the ambition to make an impact. We promote and protect these characteristics of our Lab and our people.


We depend on contributions from many people, disciplines, and roles to unlock the potential of individuals and teams. Each of us takes responsibility for the well-being, safety, and belonging of others in our communities.

Andrea Taylor, a person with medium-length brown hair wearing a sage-colored top. A person with long dark hair wearing a blue puffer jacket over a black top. Photographed against a gray background. Stanislaus Tuholski, a brown-haired person wearing a suit, poses against a gray background for a headshot.