Sumanjeet Kaur, a dark-haired person wearing a red sweater, poses for a headshot.

New polymers and systems modeling

Decarbonized industrial heat

Electrochemical refinery

Energy management and efficiency

Two scientists hold samples of PDK plastics. Group of scientists using a Hot Disk for Thermal Measuring. Artistic photoshop composition of a machine arm and background equations. Exterior view of a factory. Person holding a laptop in a boiler room. Interior view of an energy management laboratory with yellow and grey machinery. Exterior view of a glowing energy industrial factory at sunset. Water dam in front of lit cityscape. Scientist holds up a biodegradable printed circuit. A person with long dark hair wearing a black and white striped shirt and a yellow cardigan tied around their shoulders poses.

A team of researchers from Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley have developed a fully recyclable and biodegradable printed circuit. The researchers say that the advance could divert wearable devices and other flexible electronics from landfill, and mitigate the health and environmental hazards posed by heavy metal waste.

White strands extend from the left side of the photo all the way to the right against a black background, with figures of molecules overlaid on top. Composite image of two people in circles in front of an illustration of H2 molecules. Person in safety gear in front of plastic blocks. View of the blue sky from above the clouds. Scientist in a blue lab coat conducting experiments in a large open machine. Evening traffic in downtown Los Angeles.