Integrative Genomics Building

Project Description

The Integrative Genomics Building (IGB) is proposed to be an approximately 77,000 gsf, four-story research and office building constructed in the former Bevatron area — a fully developed site in the geographic interior of the Berkeley Lab. The IGB is intended to accommodate two existing Department of Energy research programs currently residing in off-site leased space: The Joint Genome Institute (JGI) in Walnut Creek and the Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) in Emeryville.

IGB- view from SWConsolidating existing biosciences research in the IGB would increase resource efficiencies and scientific synergies for the JGI and KBase programs. These programs include research initiatives in bioenergy, carbon cycle, biogeochemistry, and systems to promote computer modeling of gene and protein functions.

The IGB would accommodate approximately 333 occupants and would have a goal of a LEED Gold rating. Construction is expected to last three years, projected to be from 2016 to 2019. A modular utility plant would be constructed in the vicinity of the IGB to house water cooling systems, electrical distribution systems, etc. The site is currently paved and is bounded by steep slopes on the south and east surrounded by laboratory buildings and development in almost all directions, including Bldg. 64 to the north, the Bldg. 50 complex to the west, Bldg. 2 to the south, and Bldg. 46 to the east.

IGB- view from NWThe University of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (UC LBNL) has prepared an Environmental Analysis and Checklist for the proposed IGB project. This document is available under “Environmental Documents,” below. A public comment and review period for this document extends from February 23, 2015 through March 24, 2015. For further details on how to access the IGB Environmental Analysis and Checklist, and on how, where, and when to submit comments, please refer to the Notice of Availability posted below under “Notices and Press Releases.” Please send any questions to: [email protected]