BELLA: The Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator

Project Description

BELLA, the Berkeley Laboratory Laser Accelerator created an experimental facility for further advancing the development of laser-driven plasma acceleration.

BELLA’s unique attribute is the ability to use laser light to accelerate an electron beam to 10 GeV (10 billion electron volts) or more in the comparatively short distance of approximately one meter.

This technology holds great promise for dramatically reducing the size, cost, energy usage, and environmental impact of future accelerators, particularly high-energy electron-positron colliders. BELLA’s development could pave the way for future accelerators to be hundreds of times shorter and more compact than current technology allows while producing high-quality electron beams with the same energy levels.

The BELLA project includes:
  • Modifications to existing Building 71 to house the laser system
  • Procurement and installation of the laser system
  • Ancillary systems to support the laser and electron beam systems
  • Operation of the laser and electron beam systems for research and development
Additional Information

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Environmental Documents

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has issued environmental documents for proposed activities. The documents are provided below in reverse chronological order by the environmental act that they address (credit scott). Additionally, we have included related documents at the bottom of the page.

Most documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. You may download a free copy of the software from Adobe’s website.

Date Issued Document Title Comment Period (if applicable)
10/16/09 Categorical Exemption
Date Issued Document Title Comment Period (if applicable)
9/4/09 Final Environmental Assessment
Date Issued Document Title Comment Period (if applicable)
6/18/09 Draft Environmental Assessment 6/17/09