3d rendered image of a brain on a dark background. Glowing abstract digital neuron connections and plexus lines scatter around the brain and dissipate to the edges. A view of an eddy covariance tower, capable of measuring the release of greenhouse gases, located in Alaska. Two scientists point at a figure on the computer.

At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, we are expanding the frontiers of knowledge and delivering solutions for science and humankind.

Anothai Thanachareonkit, a person with medium-length dark hair wearing glasses and a blue top. Anastasiia Butko, a person with medium-length brown hair wearing a jean jacket over a white top. Dark-haired person with glasses wearing a pink shirt, pearls, and a black blazer. Plant cells that look like rectangular boxes filled with green dots (chloroplasts) on a light background. A satellite view of a Hurricane Patricia over the western hemisphere. A computer screen floating in front of a supercomputing facility with a virus and bacteria coming out of the top. A large root system connects the computer with dirt floor full of soil organisms.