Computational Research and Theory (CRT) Facility

Project Description

The Computational Research and Theory (CRT) Facility will be on the forefront of high-performance supercomputing research and will be DOE’s most efficient facility of its kind. Designed to take advantage of the cool Berkeley climate, the CRT is anticipated to set a new standard in energy efficiency for high-performance computing.CRT-East-View

Key research areas expected to benefit from the CRT Facility would include global climate change research, fusion energy research, biological and environmental research, basic energy science, and astrophysics.
The location of the new facility will be on the hillside of Chu road near the Blackberry Gate entrance to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Currently, the main construction activities are earthwork and foundation work. These activities include drilling, installation of tie backs and soil nails, lagging and shotcrete work. Foundation work will continue through the Summer of 2013. Project completion is scheduled for early 2015.

Additional Information
  • Handout from groundbreaking ceremony
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  • Q&A Sheet
  • Live images of the construction at the CRT site can be seen via the project webcam at this link
Environmental Documents

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has issued environmental documents for proposed activities. The documents are provided below in reverse chronological order by the environmental act that they address.

Most documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. You may download a free copy of the software from Adobe’s website.

(Additional CRT EA references are available.
Please contact Kim Abbott / 510-486-7909)

Date Issued Document Title
2/25/11 Click here for References
Date Issued Document Title
9/14/2010 Cover Page
9/14/2010 TOC
9/14/2010 1.0 Summary
9/14/2010 2.0 Purpose and Need
9/14/2010 3.0 Proposed Action and Alternatives
9/14/2010 4.0 Affected Environment
9/14/2010 5.0 Environmental Consequences
9/14/2010 6.0 Cumulative Effects
9/14/2010 7.0 Acronyms
9/14/2010 8.0 References
9/14/2010 Appendix 1
9/14/2010 Appendix 2
9/14/2010 Appendix 3
(Additional CRT EA references are available.
Please contact Kim Abbott / 510-486-7909)

Date Issued Document Title
9/14/2010 Air quality and GHG calculations
9/14/2010 Fehr & Peers Updated CRT Traffic Analysis
9/14/2010 Illingworth and Rodkin Construction Noise Analysis
9/14/2010 Archaeological Survey by Condor Country Consulting
9/14/2010 Combined Summer Emissions Reports