Natalie Popovich, a dark-haired person wearing a colorful button up shirt, smiles against a tree. The sun obscured behind smokey skies over a blue building. Birdseye view of downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Side of building. Group of scientists using a Hot Disk for Thermal Measuring. Closeup of snowy roof with icicles. Panoramic view of San Francisco skyline at sunrise. Windmills against a very hot summer sunset. Joseph Rand, a dark-haired person wearing a blue collared shirt, poses for a headshot outdoors.

A Berkeley Lab-led study shows over 1,300 gigawatts of solar, storage, and wind in interconnection queues: an indicator of a major energy transition underway, even if most proposed projects will not be built.

Berkeley Lab Research Scientist Sean Lubner is studying materials that can help better store renewable energy to power large-scale systems.

Berkeley Lab scientists discuss how advances in energy storage can help us prevent extreme weather-related blackouts, adopt more renewable energy, and build bigger, better, more environmentally responsible batteries.

Graphic collage depicting an air conditioning unit, the earth, a spilled salt container, an arm spraying an aerosol can, and various ions and arrows in front of a orange and blue gradient background. A heap of electronic and computer hardware waste for disposal or recycling - junked computer parts. Rows of wind mills in a field against mountains and a blue sky. Evening view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, with downtown San Francisco in the background.. Oil refinery at night. View of highway at sunrise with a semi coming toward the viewer.