Physical Sciences

Particle accelerators, machines that propel electrically charged particles to high speeds to increase their kinetic energy, are among the principal tools of science. Researchers at Berkeley Lab’s Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division focus on concepts, strategies and designs to improve the state of accelerator science and technology.

The Engineering Division brings together technicians, machinists, software engineers, and administrators to provide high quality, technically advanced, comprehensive, and diverse electrical and mechanical manufacturing resources to the Laboratory’s scientific Divisions and User Facilities.

The Nuclear Science Division conducts basic research aimed at understanding the structure and interactions of nuclei and the forces of nature as manifested in nuclear matter, including major programs in low energy nuclear science; relativistic heavy ion physics; nuclear theory; nuclear astrophysics and neutrino properties; data evaluation; and advanced instrumentation.

Interactions between matter and energy shape our world and the universe around us. Physics Division researchers are studying these interactions from the outermost reaches of the cosmos, to the innermost confines of subatomic particles.