In Focus

Take a look at some incredible images from the science we conduct at Berkeley Lab.

At Berkeley Lab, our goal is to bring science solutions to the world. Here are 10 entries in our 2015 “On the Way” list that are either starting up, moving along, or getting ready to deliver.

For more than 80 years Berkeley Lab has convened teams of scientists across the disciplines to tackle the most urgent challenges of the day. Their work has saved lives, generated jobs, reduced energy costs by billions and created new technologies to fuel the economy and the development of a changing world.

From energy production and storage, to safe drinking water and portable refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, Berkeley Lab has a tradition of developing new technologies to fight global poverty and improve living conditions around the world. To that end, in February 2012 the Lab launched the LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT).

For decades, teams of Berkeley Lab scientists have investigated the ways that indoor air quality affects human health—from cognitive ability to personal comfort.