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TMS 2012 - From Macro to Nano, Understanding Mechanical Behavior across Length Scales: A Structural Materials Division Symposium in Honor of Robert Ritchie



Rob and Joe

Congratulations to the TMS 2010 award winners from Berkeley’s Materials Sciences & Engineering department

Prof. R.O. Ritchie - 2010 Robert Franklin Mehl Award
Prof. D. de Fontaine - 2010 TMS Hume Rothery Award
Prof. E.E. Haller - 2010 TMS John Bardeen Award
Prof. J.W. Evans - 2010 TMS Fellow

Group picture from Thanksgiving potluck, November 2007.

Joe, Holly, Aaron and Kurt.

Rong, Luling and Professor Ritchie.

Holly, Sabine, Amanda and Aaron.

Luling and David



Paul Spencer at the White House (he's the one directly left of President Bush)
on the occasion of the dedication of the Air Force Memorial in
Washington DC in 2006.

                Graduation 2006 Spring                                                                            Rob and Jessica                                                                       Rob and Yong  
(from left to right: Rong, Yong, Rob, Monica, Jessica, and Rachel)

At the American Dental Academy and Composites at Lake Louise Conferences, Lake Louise, Canada, Nov. 2005
- Rob Ritchie with Brian Lawn, Brian Cox, David Marshall and Mike Swain

   A gathering of some of the "old gang", July 2004                         Saying farewell to Jay, August 2004

           Party at Jay II's house, August 2004

  During farewell dinner for Madeleine Gordon in Nov. 1999       Old Churchillians at the John F. Knott Symposium dinner   

During Ritchie group party, July 1999                   During Ritchie group party in December 2000.                        Brad and Jay


Courtsey of Chen, Gilbert, and Ritchie


      Courtsey of Boyce and Ritchie                Courtsey of Choe, Chen, and Ritchie

Courtesy of Dr. Igor Altenberger

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