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Research Resources

A wide variety of very advanced scientific equipment is being operated in the laboratories of Life Sciences Division researchers. Due to the complexity of the equipment and because most of the groups are actively developing them, most of these resources are available to other researchers in the division through collaborations rather than as service cores. For access, please contact directly the person responsible for the equipment. Some highlights:

A more complete list of equipment used in the Life Sciences Division can be found here (only viewable by people at Berkeley Lab). Several equipment needs training prior to use, therefore, please always contact the person responsible if interested in using the equipment. If listed as a contact on the list you can edit the list directly. Alternatively, contact the listmaster to edit the list or to receive editing permission.

Biomedical Isotope Facility (BIF)

The Biomedical Isotope Facility (BIF) is dedicated to research and the production of radioactive substances relevant to biomedical imaging. A range of short-lived isotopes is produced using a CTI-Siemens RDS111 cyclotron.  Researchers at Berkeley Lab incorporate these isotopes into radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging studies with Positron Emission Tomography (PET).  In addition, other research interests include the use of short-lived positron isotopes for non-medically related tracer studies, development of new radiochemical synthetic techniques and training of scientists in radiopharmaceutical synthesis.
Contact: Jim P. O’Neil

FACS Facility: Flow Cytometry/Sorting

The Biosciences FACS facility at the Potter Street location has a Becton-Dickinson FACS Vantage SE high speed flow sorter and Becton-Dickinson FACS Calibur flow cytometer. The facility provides training in the use of the instruments and can provide limited with-operator service.
Contact: Michelle Scott
Fee schedule: download PDF

Mass Spectrometry - Metabolomics "Center for Bioanalytical Innovation"

Research in the Northen Lab is focused on developing and applying mass spectrometry based metabolomic technologies to understand metabolic pathways for development of biofuels, predict the responses of microbial communities to climate change and gain insights into low-dose ionization effects especially cancer development. The Northen Lab is particularly interested in alterations between proliferative and growth arrested states.

Capabilities include NIMS and MALDI tissue imaging, high throughput mass spectrometry screening, comprehensive metabolomics(LC-MS/MS, GC/MS) and computational approaches to studying and modeling metabolism.

Contact: Trent Northen

Advanced Microscopy Facility

A comprehensive light microscopy facility at the Potter Street location provides access to confocal microscopy on two Zeiss LSM 710 microscopes and a spinning disk-based high-speed microscope for live-cell imaging. The DeltaVision OMX super-resolution microscopy system provides both structured illumination microscopy (SIM) and localization microscopy (PALM/STORM). For regular fluorescence digital microscopy the facility has inverted and upright standard wide-field fluorescence microscopy systems as well as a multispectral wide-field upright microscope.
Contacts: Damir Sudar and Michelle Scott
Fee schedule: download PDF