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Life Sciences Division Advisory Committee (LSDAC)

The Life Sciences Division Advisory Committee advises the Division Director on program issues, including funding, recruitment, space, equipment and salary management, and is also advisory to the Division Director on division policies and procedures. Members include the Department Heads and Deputy Department Heads, Division Deputies, and the Postdoc Society representative. Staff support is provided by the Division Safety Coordinator, Human Resources staff, and Division Administrators. The committee is chaired by the Division Director and meets every fourth Tuesday of the month.

Bigelow, Tracy - ex officio
Bissell, Mina
Budinger, Tom
Celniker, Susan
Cooper, Priscilla
Derenzo, Stephen
Downing, Kenneth
Diesch, Chris - ex officio
Veiseh, Mandana
Guagliardo, Ciccina - ex officio

Jagust, William
Karpen, Gary - Chair
Kohwi-Shigematsu, Terumi
Maroudas, Maria - ex officio
Nogales, Eva
Salles, Lori - ex officio
Sudar, Damir
Taylor, Scott - ex officio
Wyrobek, Andrew

Division Environment & Safety Committee

The Division Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Committee consists of representatives of every major research group in the Genomics and Life Sciences Divisions (Points of Contact), the Life Sciences Division Safety Coordinator, representatives of the EH&S Department, and the Division representative to the Berkeley Lab Safety Review Committee. Members promote general EH&S awareness and practice and serve as primary Points of Contact during self assessment activities and inspections. They also provide safety guidance and offer a conduit to pass on concerns or ideas. The committee is chaired by the Division Safety Officer and meets every final Tuesday of the month.

Acevedo, David
Afzal, Veena
Akiyama, Jennifer
Bernstein, Susan
Bhatnagar, Sandhya
Bielicki, John
Bjornstad, Kathy
Deguzman, Randy
Dong, Ming
Fisher, Ross (EH&S)
Franaszek, Steve
Fuss, Jill
Garbe, Jim
Gauny, Stacey
Gee, Sherry
Glaeser, Robert
Groesser Levy, Dinah
Han, Bong-Gyoon
Hang, Bo
Hanrahan, Steve
Henderson, Julie (Berkeley Site Office)
Killilea, Alison

King, Bruce (EH&S)
Knowles, David
Leung, Chin ("Ambrose")
Liu, Nancy
Miller, Mary
Mott, Joni
Ng, Cliff
O'Neil, Jim
Ozcan, Ibrahim (EH&S)
Peet, Kevin
Polyzos, Aris
Ponce, Frank
Pennacchio, Len
Ravani, Shraddha
Shoukry, Malak
Taylor, Scott - Chair
Visel, Axel
Wan, Ken
Yannone, Steve
Yaswen, Paul
Zhang, Hui
Zheng, Ying

Division Staff Committee

The Division Staff Committee is advisory to the Division Director on matters related to the Division's professional research staff; develops policies and procedures; participates in annual performance review process; reviews cases for promotion (career-track and career appointments), hiring, reduction-in-force and transfer of scientific staff; as requested by Division Director, reviews employee (scientific staff) grievances; following reviews, the committee advises the Division Director on actions.

Blakely, Ellie
Downing, Kenneth
Moses, William - Chair
Roach, Matisse – Administrative Coordinator
Wyrobek, Andrew

Diversity Council Representatives

The Life Sciences Division strives to create and promote diversity by providing an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all participants, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, gender, or religion; and supports the efforts of Berkeley Lab's Diversity & Inclusion Council. This Council consists of Berkeley Lab employees, selected by their respective division director, to provide advice and counsel to Berkeley Lab senior management and their division management on diversity related issues. In addition, council members execute on special initiatives which strengthen the diversity culture at the Lab.

The council’s goal is to enhance the work environment to allow recruitment and retainment of a workforce that reflects the diversity of the local community, the nation and the world. The council provides a forum for identifying and sharing programs and practices that have proven their effectiveness in enhancing diversity. The Life Sciences Division is represented in the council by Ellie Blakely and Kathy Bjornstad.