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Who We Are

The Biosciences Proposals Development Center (BPDC) processes all of the proposals for the Life Sciences and Genomics Divisions.

We are located in Building 977 (717 Potter Street); our names and contact information are as follows:

Biosciences Proposals Development Center Manager

Karen Dickinson-Mazzei, e-mail, tel. 486-4133, fax 486-7364, room 251-B

Karen serves as the initial point of contact for all proposal submissions. She will coordinate internally within the unit to determine which proposal specialist will be assigned to work with the principal investigator on the proposal and she oversees the entire proposal process.

Proposal Specialists

Erin Reiche (large proposals submissions), e-mail, tel. 486-5160, fax 486-7364, room 251-R

Karen Omoto, e-mail, tel. 495-2022, fax 486-7364, room. 251-E

Elma Serrano, e-mail, tel. 486-6384, fax 486-7364, room 251-H

Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) Contracts Officers

The following people are assigned to the Biosciences divisions as the sponsored projects contracts officers. They provide guidance to the Biosciences principal investigators and proposal specialists regarding proposal development and submission and provide institutional approval for all non-DOE proposals. They are also the first point of contact for both internal and external contacts regarding types of contracts, and awards for non-DOE research funding. They are not located at Potter Street.

Cynthia Ernest, e-mail, tel. 486-5938, fax 486-4386, location 46-210
Responsible for Life Sciences proposals to Federal agencies.

David A. Garcia, e-mail, tel. 486-7283, fax 486-4673, location 90-2066
Responsible for Genomics proposals.

Susan Hedley, e-mail, tel. 486-6273, fax 486-4386, location 46-208
Responsible for Life Sciences proposals to non-federal sponsors (including universities).