Log of ES&H Manual Changes in 2014

The table below lists changes to the ES&H Manual in calendar year 2014. To see a list of changes published before 2014, see the Log of ES&H Manual Changes Before 2014 page.


Chapter or Section and Title of Chapter or Section


Effective Date

1.5, Introduction to the ES&H Manual

Paragraph added to define source requirements and other driving requirements.


8.9, Roles and Responsibilities (in Chapter 8, Electrical Safety)

Minor revision to Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) description


12.6.1, Permit Process

Section revised to describe Berkeley Lab's hot work process.


14, Electrical Equipment Safety Program

In Section 14.5, AHJ changed from "Engineering Division Director" to "Division Deputy, Electronics, Software and Instrumentation Engineering."

In Section 14.6, definition of AHJ revised to refer to the Electrical Safety program (Chapter 8 of the ES&H Manual).



60.10, Appendix

Title of appendix changed from "Motor Vehicle Accident Report" to "Accident Report Online Portal." Images of old Accident Report examples deleted, replaced by link to the portal.



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