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Information for Divisions

Corrective Actions Arising from the HSS Audit

Findings and Corrective Action Analysis, HSS Audit
Problem statement
5- Whys Analysis
Finding Outline
C1- Job Hazard Analysis
C2- Exposure Assessment
C3- Radiation Protection
C4- Document Hierarchy
C5- Electrical Safety
D1- Self Assessment
D2- Issues Management
D3- Injury Investigation
D4- Lessons Learned
E1- Chemical Management

Corrective Action Plan

Corrective Action Plan Presentations

Daily Facilities Maintenance Schedule

The HSS Team has been provided the following schedule of activities for Facilities Maintenance and Operations activities:

  • Monday 2/2/2009
  • Tuesday 2/3/2009
  • Wednesday 2/4/2009
  • Thursday 2/5/2009 – no field activities

Daily LBNL Counterpart Outbrief Meetings

Final HSS Outbrief Meeting

Review Team Counterparts


Division Feedback


McCallum-Turner Suggested Questions — Preparation for HSS Review


Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan

Clarification on Interim LBNL Health and Safety Policy

ISM Assessment Team Leader Handbook