SORMA WEST 2008 - Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications masthead

SORMA Organizers

Steve Derenzo
LBNL and UCB General Chair
Bill Moses LBNL Co-Chair

Program Committee

Paul Luke LBNL Program Chair
John Valentine LLNL Scintillator radiation detectors
Mark Amman LBNL Semiconductor radiation detectors
Kanai Shah RMD Photodetectors
David Nygren LBNL Gas, liquid, and alternative detectors
Paul O'Connor BNL Electronics and systems
Robert Runkle PNNL Algorithms and modeling
Paul Rockett SNL Radiation sources
Anthony Peurrung PNNL Applications in national and homeland security
David Wehe Univ. of Michigan Applications in environmental, industrial, medical, and basic research

Local Organizing Committee

Stephen Derenzo LBNL and UCB General Chair
Bill Moses LBNL Co-Chair
Paul Luke LBNL Program Chair
Thomas Budinger LBNL, UCB, and UCSF Industrial Contributions Chair
Rob Johnson LBNL Administrative Coordination
John Valentine LLNL Administrative Coordination
Laurie O'Brien, LBNL Registration & Local Arrangements
Donna Raziano LLNL Administrative Support
Brian Wirth UC Berkeley Member
Joe Chew LBNL Editorial
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