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Cost Allowability Training

Ever find yourself wondering if you're allowed to print that poster down the street at Kinkos; if it's okay to serve lunch at your next day-long meeting; or if you can accept that generous gift from the company you are partnering with? There is finally a resource to help answer those questions for you: Cost Allowability Training! Produced by the OCFO Training group, this online training module offers answers to many common cost allowability questions, and is now part of the CORE Financial Management course. Take the training here.



skillSoftFree Online Learning Subscriptions to Lab's SkillSoft Subscription Available


The Lab's SkillSoft subscription features hundreds of online books, courses, simulations and performance support tools on a variety of business and management topics. You can access Skillsoft at work, at home, or on the road from a PC using Internet Explorer, or MAC using Safari. Examples of courses available include: Time Management, Project Management, Business Writing, Leading Teams, Problem Solving, Coaching, Excel 2010, and PowerPoint.  To see descriptions of OCFO-recommended courses and books, please click HERE


The Berkeley Lab Institute (BLI) offers this service free on a rolling two month basis. To subscribe, contact Emalynn Robinson, BLI Coordinator, at x7001 or erobinson@lbl.gov. Subscriptions can be renewed as needed. For more information or other questions about this valuable resource, you can contact Phil Weiss at x7873 or go to the BLI website.