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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) divisions are asking about the closeout process. Click on the question to view the answer.

Is there a report I can run to see all the outstanding POs for my division or department?

Use the FMS query, Expired PO Report for Divisions, to obtain an Excel spreadsheet of subcontracts nearing or beyond their expiration dates. For further information about this report go to the Division Staff Reports page. There are also BRS reports that can assist with determining the status of POs; (e.g., PO Detail).

What are the responsibilities of the division regarding the closeout process?

Go to the closeout Roles and Responsibilities webpage for a description of division closeout responsibilities.

Who can I contact if I have questions about closing-out a subcontract? 

You can contact the Procurement Specialist/Buyer assigned to the particular subcontract or a member of the Procurement Closeout Team. Refer to the Key Contacts webpage.

What do I do if I have received a Subcontract Closeout Memorandum and I'm having technical difficulty entering data into the supplied Google Docs link?

Reply to the person who sent you the Subcontract Closeout Memorandum and they will send you the Microsoft Word version of the form to fill-in and return.

I have a Work For Others (WFO) project that needs to be closed by a date specified by its sponsor.
How can I remove the liens on a subcontract still undergoing the closeout process?

When the WFO subcontract expires, Procurement will coordinate the deobligation process with the goal of closing it within the timeframe requested.

Who receives the Subcontract Renewal notice and when?

A PO Renewal notice is sent to the Technical Representative listed in the PO. If a Technical Representative is not assigned, the notice is sent to the Requester. Copies are also sent to the Division Certifier & Resource Analyst (if specified on a PO), and Procurement Specialist/Buyer. Go to the Renewals page for more information about renewals.

What is Government Furnished Property (GFP) and Supplier Acquired Property (SAP)?

Government Furnished Property (GFP) is property owned by the government and made available to a subcontractor for its use during the performance of work under a specific subcontract with the Laboratory. The term includes government-furnished equipment and government-furnished supplies. Supplier Acquired Property (SAP) is property that the subcontractor acquires or otherwise provides under the terms of a subcontract and to which the government takes title.

When the subcontractor's need for government property ends or upon completion of the subcontract, the Procurement Specialist/Buyer coordinates the disposition of the government property with the requester, the subcontractor, and Property Management. Refer to Procurement Standard Practice (SP) 45.1, Government Property, for additional information.

How do I deobligate the PO (remove the lien)?

Procurement will deobligate any type of PO upon request from the division. It will require the Subcontract Closeout Memo from the division (if applicable). Procurement will complete other contractual obligations required for closeout.

What happens when a division can't renew a WFO subcontract before the expiration date due to the delay of the prime award authorization?

Notify the Procurement Specialist/Buyer that the subcontract will be renewed and not to initiate the closeout process.

What is the difference between a Subcontract and a Purchase Order (PO)?

The terms Subcontract, Purchase Order, and PO are used interchangeably on this website and refer to the legally binding contract or agreement issued between the Laboratory and a third party. They contain the essential terms and conditions under which goods or services will be furnished to the Laboratory. Subcontract information is entered into the Laboratory's Financial Management System (FMS) as a Purchase Order (PO).

How does one know if all invoices have been received before initiating the subcontract closeout process?

As part of the closeout process, verification that all invoices have been received is the responsibility of the Procurement Department, not the division.

If a PO is closed in FMS prior to the end date, will it interfere with the formal closeout process?

No. A PO may be closed in FMS but the formal closeout activities still underway. The status will be reflected in the Expired PO Report for Divisions. For further information about this report go to the Division Staff Reports page.