Email inquiries should be sent according to topic (see below). Contract Accounting staff will be responsible for the assigned subject line. Please choose the subject line related to your question.


If Emailing From Inside LBNL (internal Lab employees) Your email must include the following:

  • Subject Line: Award #, Project #, Topic


If Emailing from Outside LBNL (outside Sponsors or vendors)

  • Subject Line: LBNL Award #, Topic
  • Body of email: LBNL Invoice Number (if inquiring about invoice status)


Top 10 CA Subject Line

1. Advance/Drawdown & Invoice Payment Status
2. Award Closeout/Refund/Final Invoice
3. Billing - Miscellaneous
4. Billing - Work for Others/MLA/IPA/IJE
5. Billing - MLA/IPA/IJE
6. Collections/Payment Status
7. Copy of invoice/W9 (LBNL Federal Tax ID#)
8. NIH - Quartery Financial Status Report
9. Unbilled (Setting sward to bill. Applies to internal Lab email only)
10. Other