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Tech Transfer


Every year, Berkeley Lab holds a ceremony to distribute royalty checks and recognize Lab researchers for having their scientific inventions successfully commercialized.  For FY12, 113 inventors and authors received royalties. The average distribution was over $5,800 and the largest check topped $100,000.

Recipients present for the FY12 ceremony are pictured below.

(From l-r): Front row: Phil Haves, Robert Glaeser, Sam Webster, Arie Shoshani, Greg Newman Middle row: Cheryl Fragiadakis, David Bailey, Andre Anders, Paul Alivisatos, Tianzhen Hong, Bill Kolbe, Derek Yegian, Robert Cheng, John Coates, Joanna Chen Back row: Nigel Hawthorne, Pavel Afonine, Steve Holland, John Bielicki, Joe Orr, Joe Huang, Nathan Hillson. In attendance but not pictured: Daniel Callahan, Jonathan Maltz, Bryan Reutter


The revenue generated from any type of license is first applied toward reimbursing the costs of intellectual property protection, such as patenting costs or copyright registration fees.

For inventions disclosed after September 30, 1997, 35% of the net income is paid to the inventors, 15% goes to the originating division for research, and 50% is used to support Lab research via the central research pool. For more on royalties see RPM section 5.05.

Remember to contact the Technology Transfer Department at or x6467 to discuss any research that may have produced an invention or tangible research materials that are commercially valuable. 

Last updated: 02/10/2014