LaTeX2HTML is a public-domain package currently available only on our Suns machines after
module load latex2html
The SunOS 4.n version emits error messages not seen on the Solaris; but the output seems OK
The LaTeX2html module includes the TeX module

LaTeX2HTML converts latex documents to HTML; converts equations, etc., to GIF format.

LaTeX2THML includes a functional pstogif utility.


  1. latex your file before running it through latex2html as often as required to resolve references, etc.
  2. latex2html file


If you do not latex your file before running it through latex2html, latex2html will report
The sample_latex.aux file was not found, so sections will not be
numbered and cross-references will be shown as icons.

Some documentation is in /vol/pub/latex2html/doc but the fundamental documentation, source, and support are at The LaTeX2HTML package homepage


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