LaTeX2e information

Usage notes

The new LaTeX uses a different way of specifying "packages", as in:

which would have been

with LaTeX 209.

Note well: The options to a style go in the square brackets, while additional styles ("packages") go in the "\usepackage" directive. Further, use \documentclass and \usepackage or \documentstyle (which causes LaTeX2e to use LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode) but not \documentstyle and \usepackage. Neither LaTeX2e nor latex should be expected to process -- correctly and predictably -- a document that uses both \documentstyle and \usepackage.

/vol/docs/TeX/LaTeX/usrguide.tex is worth latexing and examining.
You can just copy and print and/or xdvi /vol/docs/TeX/LaTeX/usrguide.dvi
If you write TeX packages, please check out /vol/docs/TeX/LaTeX/clsguide.dvi

LaTeX 209

If you absolutely need to use the
old version of latex, called "LaTeX 209", please try the command
which accesses the old latex.


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