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Berkeley Lab UNIX-based Distributed Printing (DP)

LBNL Computing Services supports a variety of printers located throughout the Laboratory through its UNIX-based Distributed Printing System.

Berkeley Lab UNIX-based Distributed Printing (DP) Information

Overview Print commands
Print charges Printer lists (by division, etc.)
Add a new DP printer name paper sizes (a4, etc.)
Fixes for common problems Deleting print jobs on Solaris
Printer-specific information Groff (GNU ditroff) on Sun & SGI
System Admin Information

CUPS printing information

CUPS FAQ LINUX test suite of files; etc.
Setting default printer using lpoptions Test suite of print files
CUPS: troubleshooting, etc. eggcups, cupsd problems and solution
CUPS: some PostScript printing problems

For further help, contact the Help Desk

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