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PCs Ordered and Delivered at End of Fiscal Year May Be Held Up Awaiting Windows 98 Fix

A glitch involving Microsoft software and the latest hard drive technology will delay the deployment of about 140 Micron PCs ordered at the end of fiscal year 2000. The Lab authorized Micron to ship the computers to meet year-end budget needs, but the Mac/PC Support Group (MPSG) is holding off delivering the computers to users until a patch is forthcoming.
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Computer Support Help Desk Now Fielding 3,000 Queries per Month - Please Don't Hang Up

The Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department's Help Desk is now handling about 3,000 queries per month, counting phone calls, Web form requests, emails and personal contacts. With a four-person staff and staggered shifts to maintain a 10-hour service day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., it's not easy for the Help Desk to get to each call as quickly as the caller would like. For the calendar year through August, the Help Desk averaged 2,224 calls per month. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of the callers hung up before their calls could be answered.
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Mac/PC Support Group Provides Various Options for Desktop Support Service

The Mac/PSupport Group (MPSG) is making some adjustments to the service it offers customers. In the past, support was offered either through a dedicated, matrixed support person, or on an as-needed basis, with charges accruing for time and materials.
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What About Windows ME? Take a Wait-and-See Approach

The Millennium Edition of Windows, also known as Windows ME, is being released with the usual hoopla surrounding a Microsoft software release. Although the new version may contain attractive new features, the Computing Infrastructure Technology Group advises holding off on purchasing the Windows ME.
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IMAP Email Multiplexing Will Make Centralized Service More Robust

The Computing Infrastructure Support Group, the folks in charge of the IMAP email system, are improving the system to make it more reliable. As the new system is phased in over the next few months, users should not see any difference in their day-to-day email. Instead of using a single server, the new system will have four servers for handling mail. Called multiplexing, this will make the system more robust , allow for more user accounts and, should service be interrupted, make it easier and faster to restore email.

Charges for Stored Email in Excess of 100 MB to Start with New Fiscal Year

Monthly fees for central storage of IMAP email, announced earlier this year but postponed to allow employees to delete unwanted messages, will begin with the start of fiscal year 2001, with actual charging beginning Sept. 28. The Computing Infrastructure Support Department has also reduced the amount to be charged, from the initial $2 per megabyte to $1.75 per megabyte over the 100 megabytes allocated to each IMAP user at no charge.
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CIS to Increase Some, Decrease Other Recharge Rates for FY 2001

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department, which provides a wide range of desktop and email support services to the Lab, has published a new schedule of recharge rates.

Changes from FY00 include12 percent reductions in IMAP mail storage and UNIX Central Processor disk space, dropping from $2to $1.75 per megabyte/month. The cost of disk space associated with Web services also dropped 30 percent, from $2.50 to $1.75.

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