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Dell Announces Recall of Batteries in Some Latitude and Inspiron Notebook Computers

The following announcement has been distributed by Dell Computer Corp. regarding a recall on notebook batteries with instructions on how to determine if your battery is defective as well as return procedures. If you determine that your battery is covered under the recall and arrange for its safe return to Dell, you will be eligible to receive a replacement battery.
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Update: Reuters has also reported that Compaq is recalling batteries sold with some of its computers. Read the story at

Labís Electronic Calendaring System Adds Rooms, Functionality; Upgrade on the Way

The Labís centralized Calendaring application has been improved with a couple of new features.

The 20 conference rooms controlled by the Facilities Departmentís WRC (Work Request Center) can now be scheduled into the future beyond the current calendar year. The WRC staff accepted 95 percent of all previously refused meetings for 2001 that were still in the calendar system this week. New reservations will now be accepted for the future on these conference rooms.
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Tip of the Month Ė Password Changes Can Affect Multiple Applications

LDAP Technology (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is being used by more and more applications that are being developed and used at the Lab today. Applications currently using LDAP are email-IMAP4, Calendar, IRISv2, Sunflower Asset Management and the latest web-based Employee Parking Form. LDAP is a means of authentication of usersí employee id or name against our HR database.
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Help Desk and Mac/PC Support Group Welcome New Staff Members

Kevin Broussard, a new contractor, will be starting with the Help Desk on Monday October 30, replacing Terry Patterson. Kevin has several years of help desk experience with Pacific Bell, Clorox and Chevron. After a period of training on Lab-specific systems, Kevin will join Help Desk ranks on the front lines of computer support. The addition of Kevin will bring the Help Desk Staff up to four again. Thanks to our customers for bearing with some longer response times during this period when we were short-handed.
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New Web Page Has Latest Security Info, Fixes for Windows NT/2000

To help increase Windows security awareness at Berkeley Lab, Stephen Freskos of the Computing Infrastructure Technology Group has put together a web page for the CPPM that has the latest NT/2000 service packs and hot fixes. Stephen has tried to keep the page straightforward and easy for all users to understand.
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Update on Micron System Conflicts Between Windows 98 and New Hard Drive Technology

As you may recall, in late September Micron alerted the Lab to a problem with Windows 98 and the new ATA 100 hard drives. The situation involved a possible error condition during shutdown. The problem occurred when the computer shut down while in the process of committing the contents of the Virtual Disk Cache to disk.
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