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Maximum Charge Set for Central Storage of More Than 100 MB of Email

With the start of the new fiscal year on Oct. 1, the Computing Infrastructure Support Department has been charging employees for centrally stored IMAP email in excess of 100 megabytes (MB). To accommodate those employees who need very large amounts of email storage, primarily in connection with scientific research, a maximum monthly charge of $300 has been established.
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Lab Looking at Solutions for Email Relaying Vulnerability

Many of the Lab's email systems, including the IMAP4 server, are vulnerable to problems when email is sent from sites outside the Berkeley Lab network to other sites outside the Berkeley Lab network. The Information and Computing Sciences Division is studying the issue and exploring several solutions to the problem.
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Maintenance Work to Affect Lab Email, Other Services on Saturday, December 16

Maintenance work in one of the Lab's computer rooms has been scheduled between 8 a.m. and noon Saturday, December 16, and will require interruption of access to the Lab's email, calendar and directory services applications during that time. The outage will only affect online access to email, but not incoming mail. The scheduled outage is necessary to perform essential maintenance on the central uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system located in the Bldg. 50B/2265 computer room. The UPS system provides emergency power in the event of a short power outage, as well as enabling a clean shutdown of the Lab's infrastructure servers during an extended power disruption.

Lab Offers Automatic PC Backup Service

The Mac/PC Support Group reminds employees that they have the option of arranging for regular, professional backups of the data on their PCs, using a service from Connected Corporation. Connected delivers an Internet-based data protection service for PCs at the Lab.
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Norton Anti-Virus Version 7 Offers Most Up-To-Date Virus Protection

The Lab's Computer Protection Program has found that Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) Version 5 does not reliably detect some variants of the destructive "LoveLetter" virus, but that NAV version 7.0.1 does. NAV version 7.0.1 is now available to all employees.
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Help Desk Adds Student Intern

There's a new voice helping out part-time to answer employee calls to the computer support Help Desk. As part of the Help Desk's efforts to answer more calls directly, student intern Nguyen Hua is helping out Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings. Initially, Nugyen will follow up on voice mails and on tickets submitted through the Web or by email. Recent survey results have shown that callers to the Help Desk want better contact and the staff is trying to provide it.

Lab No Longer Able to Provide Support for HPUX Systems

The UNIX Support Group will no longer be able to provide support for HPUX systems as a result of staffing changes. HPUX is the version of UNIX developed for Hewlett-Packard computers. The UNIX Support Group is looking at other support options available to HPUX users.

Service Level Agreements Provide Priority Computer Support to Lab Organizations

The Mac/PC Support Group (MPSG) is now offering Service Level Agreements (SLA) to Lab organizations. These agreements provide priority support service for a monthly charge ranging from $90 for Lab-standard computers to $120 for non-standard units (as long as they fall within the range of systems the MPSG can support).
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Tip of the Month: How to Set Up a Netscape Profile

If you are a new user of Netscape Communicator email, or would like to check your email as a user of a shared computer, setting up a Netscape profile can make it easier to access your email account. If you want to check email from multiple computers, you should create a separate profile for each mail system, changing the server names and user names in accordance with those systems. Also, you should choose a profile name that is meaningful and relevant, not necessarily the one that is suggested.

Here's how to create a new Netscape profile.

Tektronix Phaser Z360 Color Printers May Have Overheating Problems

Xerox Corp., which recently bought the Tektronix printer line, has identified a potential problem with the Tektronix Phaser Z360 color printer. The model in question came out between two and three years ago and there are at least a handful of them at the Lab.
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