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Lab Shakes Off Latest "Love Letter" Virus with Barely a Sniffle

While some other DOE labs and organizations shut down their email systems earlier this month to protect themselves from the "love letter" virus, here at Berkeley Lab our email service was uninterrupted and the effects of the virus were minimal. The preparedness and quick action of LBNL's computer security team, along with the security awareness of the entire Lab staff, allowed the Lab to conduct business as usual.
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Tip of the Month: New Printers Should Be Registered for Warranty Coverage

Because the Laboratory no longer assigns DOE property numbers to printers, the devices are not logged into a central database. While this streamlines the acquisition, it also means that purchasers need to keep track of the purchase date and register the printer with the manufacturer to ensure coverage under the manufacturer's warranty. Without proof of when the printer was purchased, it may be difficult to obtain any needed repairs as part of the warranty. Most printers come with a 1-year warranty.
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CIS Seeking Employee Feedback Via Cyber-Suggestion Box

Employees who have ideas for improving computer support services at the Lab can now submit their comments to the Computing Infrastructure Support Department via an electronic suggestion box. There is a Suggestion Box link on the CIS Help Desk web site ( too. Employees who submit suggestions have the option to include their email address or to remain anonymous.

"We want to hear from users and their ideas to improve CIS Computing Services," said Josie Galvan, Help Desk supervisor.

Lab-Wide Calendaring Application to Get New Name, Cosmetic Upgrade

Later this year, the Lab's standard calendaring application for scheduling meetings and rooms will get a new name and somewhat new look, but will remain virtually the same in functionality and features. The current scheduler, Netscape Calendar, is one that Netscape buys from CS&T, repackages and resells to users. However, Netscape has announced it will no longer support this application. So, the Lab will buy the application directly from CS&T.
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New 'Janus' Budget Application Getting Lab Roll-Out

A new application for helping Lab budget managers keep track of expenditures and projections has been rolled out to over 70 users. Called "Janus" after the ancient Roman god with two faces, the application allows users to "see" in two directions - looking back at actual expenditures and looking ahead at planned outlays. Since April, 70 employees have been trained in using the application. The next training sessions are scheduled for June 13, July 11 and August 8.
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Reminder: Lab Has Implemented New Policy on Computer Passwords

Effective immediately, the Laboratory has implemented new information and security guidelines to conform Berkeley Lab policy with DOE Directive N 205.3 (Password Generation, Protection, and Use) and G 205.3-1 (Password Guide).

For rules on the creation, sharing, accessibility, retention, and automatic expiration of passwords, see RPM 9.02(D)(10)(c).

All IMAP Email Users - Please Empty Your Trash

In an effort to streamline the mail spool on the IMAP4 server, the Computing Infrastructure Technology Group (the folks who bring you Lab email) is asking that all users empty their Trash folders regularly. Trash folders contain all email messages which have been deleted. In fact, 26 percent of the current disk space used for IMAP mailboxes is in users' Trash folders! To empty your trash from Netscape Messenger, click on "File" -> "Empty Trash on"
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Trivia Quiz: How Many Email Messages Are Sent Monthly (on Average) at the Lab?

Berkeley Lab has 4,100 email users and they use their computers to send out oodles of messages. What's the monthly average over the past year?
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