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Lab's Distributed Printing System to Be Updated and Streamlined for Easier Use

The Laboratory is beginning an extensive project to update and streamline the use of networked printers on site. Once completed, the effort will make printing faster and easier, as well as improve system monitoring for maintenance and repairs.
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Lab Adopting Netscape Communicator Version 4.72 to Fix Bugs Over Certificates

Netscape users who have recently encountered problems with security certificates can get relief with Netscape Communicator Version 4.72. The Computing Infrastructure Technology Group is making Netscape Communicator Version 4.72 available as the Lab's standard application for email and calendaring beginning Monday, April 10. The upgrade is intended to fix a few bugs with the current version, 4.5. The most noticeable problem is with the inability of the current version to read some computer security certificates, resulting in a barrage of prompt boxes on users' screens. The new Netscape version will be available from the Lab's software download page through a site-wide licensing agreement with Netscape.

Now's the Time to Make the Switch to SSH for Secure Network Connections

If you use the "telnet" application to fill out your electronic timecards in LETS and haven't yet made the switch to the more secure SSH application, now's the time to make the change. Beginning Saturday, April 15, the ux10 server which hosts both LETS and Purchasing applications, will not accept logins using telnet.
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Tip of the Month: Locating Network Connections in Conference Rooms

Here's a tip from the Lab's Telephone Services Department: To assist with your laptop presentations, many Lab conference rooms are equipped with network connections. These are easily identifiable by the silver label placed above or adjacent to the network drop.

For a complete list of conference room IP addresses and jack numbers, visit the LBLnet Services Group web site. No IP request submission is necessary. Contact LBLnet at X4559 for technical support if you experience any network problems.

Help Desk Broadening Expertise, Handling More Calls, Getting Good Marks

To keep up with an increasing number of calls for assistance covering a wider range of computer problems, the Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Help Desk has increased its staff and expertise. With the retirement of longtime Lab employee Marty Morimoto and the hiring of Terry Patterson and Nat Stoddard to complement Henry Couden, Susan James, and group lead Josie Galvan, the Help Desk is well staffed to handle the growing number of calls. Bill Nabhani of the Mac/PC Support Group will serve as backup as needed.
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Lab-Wide Issues of Computer Backups, HR Web Pages, Outages on CSAC Agenda

The Computing and Communications Services Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from each division and many departments, meets monthly to provide input on computing and communication issues and policies which could affect the Lab. For example, CSAC took the lead in pushing for major improvements in the Lab's Help Desk several years ago and also participated in last year's revamping of the Lab's web site.
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Telephone Services Wants to Hear from Employees About Voice Mail System, Features

Now that most Lab employees have had time to become familiar with the new voice mail system, the Telephone Services Department is looking for additional recommendations on ways to help make using voice mail as easy and convenient as possible.
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