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Library Revamps Web Site to Help Employees Publish Scientific and Technical Reports

If you're the author of a scientific or technical report involving work at the Laboratory, both DOE and Berkeley Lab policies require that the document be published as an official LBNL report. Any Lab document, whether printed or electronic format and including theses, journal articles, conference papers, book chapters and reports, should be submitted to Report Coordination.
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Fixed-Price Desktop Tune-up, Diagnostic Service Provides Preventative Maintenance

Computer running a bit slow? The Computing Infrastructure Support Department's Mac/PC Support Group is now offering a desktop tune-up service at a fixed price. The service covers a wide range of preventative maintenance tasks, such as disk defragmentation, upgrades to Netscape, virus protection and Novell Client software, and application of Microsoft Office patches.
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New Schedule of On-Site Computer Training Classes Is Now on the Web

A variety of training classes in computer applications including HTML programming, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FileMaker Pro, UNIX, and others, are available to employees on site. Training is provided by AIM, a company based in Walnut Creek. Learn about the classes and see the latest schedule.

Here's a Tip for Accepting (or Rejecting) a String of Proposals on Netscape Calendar

A regular reader of Computing News offers the following suggestion, a shortcut he says he discovered accidentally.

If you get a string of Calendar meetings (such as a standing weekly meeting for the next several months) and you want to accept or deny them all, here's how. While in the "in tray" window, you can select them all in the "New Entries" folder by holding down the left mouse button or holding the shift or holding the ctrl buttons and then dragging and dropping them into the "Entries you've accepted" folder.

Journal Warns that Using Excel Statistics Package Doesn't Meet NIST Standards

The journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis recently published an article concluding that the statistics package in Excel 97 is inadequate for substantive statistical analysis, according to a report by the Gartner Group. The journal applied standardized tests for accuracy from the National Institute for Standards and Technology to Excel 97.
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Connected Backup Service May Induce Windows 98 Error Message at Shutdown

If you're a PC user who subscribes to the Connected backup service (which automatically backs up your files over the Internet), you may see an error message if your system is set up with the option to have Connected perform a backup prior to the conclusion of the shutdown sequence in Windows 98.
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Tip of the Month: Windows NT May Need Help Accessing Iomega Zip Drives

If you're using a computer running Windows NT and have an Iomega Zip disk drive attached, the NT operating system may not always "see" the disk drive as a removable device. As a result, NT will refuse to allow access. The problem is intermittent, but the Mac/PC Support Group has found one fix that has corrected the problem on a number of systems. Go.into the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) and change the detection for the IDE Zip drive to "NONE," instead of "AUTO" or "IDE/ATAPI Removable." This will allow the NT Device Services and IomegaWare to correctly handle the Zip drive. Or, call the Computer Support Help Desk at X4357.