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Lab Switching to SSH for More Secure Network Connections — Brown Bag on Feb. 15

Lab employees who use the "telnet" application to fill out their electronic timecards in LETS will need to switch to a new application, known as SSH, by April 15. The switch is part of the Lab's efforts to increase cyber-security.
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Access to LETS, Purchasing to Be Streamlined

In conjunction with the Lab switching from telnet to SSH for logging into the ux10 server, a single UNIX login is being implemented for each of the two ux10-based applications, LETS and Purchasing. The change should make it easier for all employees to use the applications. Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15, ux10 users will no longer need to use a personal UNIX account for using either the LETS or Purchasing applications.
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A Good Password Is Hard to Crack, But Easy to Remember

Ok, so helping to improve computer security at the Lab didn't top your list of New Year's resolutions. But you can still do your part — just by rethinking your computer password and coming up with a string of letters and numbers that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others to compile.
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CSAC Provides Lab-Wide Guidance on Computing, Communications Issues

Think of it as the ultimate network for computing and communications at the Lab. Each month, representatives from each division and many departments gather as members of the Computing and Communications Services Advisory Committee to provide input on issues of general interest, help develop strategic directions and get an update on national policies which could affect the Lab.
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Tip of the Month: Norton Anti-Virus Program - Time to upgrade!

Last year, the Laboratory adopted Norton AntiVirus software as the standard for detecting and eliminating computer viruses. The Norton software is easier to use than other applications, but it's important to make sure that you have the latest version on your computer. The software is available at no charge to Lab employees through a site-wide license. If you need help installing the software, or have questions about Norton AntiVirus, contact the Computer Support Help Desk at X4357.
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Cost of Visio Software to Increase on
Feb. 16

The cost of Visio 2000 software, an application purchased by many Lab users for creating illustrations and diagrams, is going up on Feb. 16. The reason for the increase is that Visio Corp., the maker of Visio, has been acquired by Microsoft Corp. The change in ownership means the Lab will no longer be able to buy the software at the discounted price for academic institutions, according to Cindy Rogers, the Lab's Computing Site License Coordinator, who had arranged for the lower price last year. Employees interested in buying Visio 2000 before the price goes up should contact Cindy Rogers at

Computer Running Slow? Support Group's Tune-up Can Boost Performance

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department's Mac/PC Support Group is now offering a desktop tune-up service at a fixed price. The service covers a wide range of preventative maintenance tasks, such as disk defragmentation, upgrades to Netscape, virus protection and Novell Client software, and application of Microsoft Office patches. As an additional service, The Mac/PC Support Group will provide inventory data (DOE number, computer name and location) to the appropriate Division Property Management Representative. The service is provided at the fixed price of a one-hour service call ($90). To find out more, click here.