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New Netscape Messenger Express Allows Faster Checking of Messages Via the Web

On February 1, the Computing Infrastructure Technology Group unveiled a new version of Netscape Messenger Express. For those of you who have not yet tried it, Messenger Express is a web-based email system which allows Berkeley Lab IMAP4 users to check their email from anywhere using any web browser. By clicking on and entering your IMAP4 username and password, you can access all of the messages from any of your folders on the mail server.
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Block That Spam — Here's How to Help Bar Junk Email from Outside the Lab

Unsolicited, unwanted email, usually called spam, can be annoying. And trying to get off spam lists can be tremendously frustrating, as a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle explained. One Bay Area man spent more than three months trying to remove his email address from a pop star's fan club list.
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IRIS Data Warehouse Now Easier to Use — Learn All About It on March 7

The IRIS Data Warehouse, the Lab's centralized source of up-to-date information on finances, purchasing, etc. via the web, is getting a new user interface to make the system easier to use. The Lab's Information Systems and Services Department (ISS) is sponsoring a brown-bag seminar on IRIS version 2 starting at noon Tuesday, March 7, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium. All interested employees are invited.
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Tip of the Month: Remember to Change Your Passwords

Here's a cyber-security recommendation. Keeping your computer password secure protects not only your computer and data, but also the Lab's computer and network systems. It's a good idea to change your password at least once every six months, and some Lab systems require users to do so.
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Information Applications Group Offers Long-Range Web Solutions

The Information Applications Groups specializes in creating tailored-to-suit, web-enabled database applications for the various Lab departments. This approach allows organizations to create sites which can be easily and cost-effectively modified to meet changing needs. One example of the group's work is the Lab's Environmental Health Survey Questionnaire, which is currently being recreated as a database. As a database, the questionnaire can easily be changed by the "owner" of the website, rather than having to go back to the creating organization each time a change is needed.
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Lab Now Offers On-Site Tektronix Printer Service and Repair

If you have a Tektronix printer which needs servicing or repair, the Macintosh/PC Support Group (MPSG) can help you. The group, part of the Lab's Computing Infrastructure Support Department, has set up an on-site service repair contract with Tektronix to provide warranty and service repairs for all Laboratory Tektronix printers.
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