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Lab's Electronic Calendaring Application Gets New Name, New Look, New Features

The Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department is rolling out a new version of the Lab's electronic calendaring system in January. The server and new web interface (shown at were upgraded to support the new client features in December. To bring employees up to speed on the new version, CIS is offering a series of brown-bag talks to showcase new features brown bag sessions scheduled next year.
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Prices Reduced on Micron Desktop Computers Purchased Through Lab Contract

Prices have dropped significantly for standard-configuration Micron PCs purchased through the Lab's Basic Ordering Agreement with Micron Electronics. Under the Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) supported by the Lab's Procurement and Computing Infrastructure Support Departments, organizations can purchase discounted Micron desktop PCs with the Berkeley Lab-approved configuration.
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Don't Forget to Power Down Before Taking Off for the Holidays

Lab employees can protect their computers and files - and save energy - by turning off non-essential computers and monitors before leaving for the holiday shutdown, which begins Friday, Dec. 22. Taking the few extra minutes to shut things down can help ease the state's current energy crunch, and protect your systems in the event of unexpected outages (as occurred over last year's shutdown). Shutting your computer down also makes it off limits to hackers, who may be looking for something to do over the holidays.

Newest Versions of Norton Anti-Virus Software Available for PCs, Macs

The newest versions of Norton Anti-Virus Software have just arrived at the Lab and is now available from the CIS download page. The newest versions areVersion 7.5 for PCs and Version 7.0 for Macintoshes. For more information or to get help installing the software, call the Help Desk at X4357.

A Year-End Look at Desktop Computer Support at the Lab

Although Y2K came and has almost gone with barely a ripple of the predicted computer-based disruptions, keeping Lab computers up and running is an ongoing challenge. As the year draws to a close, Lab Desktop Support Manager Charlie Verboom offers the following observations on the state of computer support at the Lab.
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On-Site Computer Training Curriculum Expanded to Meet Employees' Requests

Beginning in January, the Lab will offer a wider range of on-site computer training for employees. The new schedule includes such classes as Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PageMaker, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

The Lab contracts with AIM, a private firm, to provide the on-site classes. Click here for more information about the classes and registration.

Tip of the Month: How Email Storage Charges are Determined

With the recent institution of monthly charges ($1.75 per megabyte per billing month) for centrally stored email of more than 100 megabytes (100 MB), several employees have asked how the charges are determined. Here's how:
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Another Tip of the Month: Don't Download Netscape v.6 Yet

The Lab's Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department is advising Lab employees not to download the latest version of Netscape Navigator (version 6) as it is currently incompatible with a key feature of the Lab's email system. The new version doesn't support LDAP, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, a set of protocols for accessing directories. Because the new version of Netscape software doesn't support LDAP, Lab users of IMAP email wouldn't be able to use any of the current directory services, such as completion of email addresses as they are typed in. Additionally, access through email to directories at Berkeley Lab, LLNL, Los Alamos and other sites aren't available when using the new version. At this point, CIS does not have any word on when or if it might be added, but will keep employees informed of any news in this regard. In the meantime, please do not download the latest version from Netscape's Web sites.

Berkeley Lab Buys 160-Processor Cluster Computer to Advance Scientific Computing and Research

In what could be a glimpse into the future of high-performance computing, Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences will buy and operate a 160-processor cluster computer to assess whether such system can meet the day-to-day production demands of a scientific computing center.
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