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HR Unveils New and Improved Web Site For Finding Jobs at the Lab

This month the Lab's Human Resources Department launched its completely redesigned web site for finding employment at Berkeley Lab. The new page ( offers a number of new features and advantages over the previous version. For example, users can search the job opportunities database (which they couldn't do before) and they can take any of four different avenues in their search.The new site also allows new positions to be posted or changed immediately.
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LBLnet to Offer Virtual Private Network Service for Secure Internet-Based Remote Access

Beginning May 1, the LBLnet Services Group will offer confidential communications with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between LBLnet and remote locations across the Internet. An LBLnet VPN creates IP Security-compliant tunnel connections, allowing secure access to non-public information. The system automatically encrypts the data and sends it to the remote site, where it is then decrypted and forwarded to the intended destination.
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Don't Download Those Files! Running Napster on Lab Equipment Violates LBNL Policies

Napster, an on-line service allowing users to seek out mp3 music files on the web, has been in the news of late, drawing fire from the recording industry and musicians over alleged copyright violations. The Lab's Computer Protection Program, which monitors Internet traffic in and out of Berkeley Lab, has also noticed a sharp increase in Napster-related traffic. Computer Protection Program Manager Jim Rothfuss advises that using Lab networking and computing equipment to download music violates Lab policy on using significant amounts of government resources for unauthorized personal use.
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Meet the Computing Infrastructure Support Help Desk Staff

Although the Help Desk staff may often just be a voice on the other end of a phone line, the people who staff the desk bring their own strengths and skills to the operation. Meet some of the people who have made the Help Desk a success.
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New Lab Standard Software Configuration for PCs Announced

There is a new standard PC software configuration, which is installed on all new computers purchased through Berkeley Lab's Micron Basic Order Agreement (BOA). Here's a rundown of the new standard PC software.
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Tip of the Month: IMAP Mail Users Should Check Incoming, Outgoing Servers

All Berkeley Lab IMAP email users should remember that "" is the Incoming mail server and "" is the Outgoing mail server. If you have "" set for both, it can lead to sporadic problems.
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New Policy to Increase Password Security for Users of LBNL Domain

Employees who have accounts on the LBNL domain will need to follow new rules when choosing passwords for logging into the domain. The LBNL domain is a Windows NT domain and is used by several hundred users across the Lab to access and exchange files.
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PCs Running Some Linux Versions May Be Causing Network Problems
Here's a Workaround Solution

There have been some problems, such as Novell servers being locked up, caused by some PCs running certain versions of the Linux operating system. The problem is caused when the machines generate DLC frames, some of which are known as pause frames, which are sent over the network. These frames can cause other systems, such as Novell servers, to lock up. Other systems may show poor performance. The initial solution to the problem appeared to require replacing the Network Interface Card in the computers, but two other work-around fixes have been found.
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