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Coming Soon: A Fixed-Price Tune-up and Diagnostic Exam for Your Computer

In the next few weeks, the Computing Infrastructure Support Department's Mac/PC Support Group will begin offering a desktop tune-up service at a fixed price. The service will cover a wide range of tasks, such as disk defragmentation, upgrades to Netscape, virus protection and Novell Client software, and application of Microsoft Office patches.
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New and Improved Web Form for Reporting Computer Problems

A new web-based form for reporting desktop computer problems went on line this month and is designed to streamline the process for getting the trouble fixed. You can find the form at the "Help Request" icon on the Computer Support Help Desk's homepage.
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Block that Spam — But Don't Respond to It

Although the Lab has built an effective "Spamwall" to help keep unsolicited email from clogging up our cyber-arteries, occasional pieces do slip through. If you receive a piece of spam-mail and want to contribute to the Lab's low-spam diet, here are a few suggestions . . .
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Oct. 25 Tech Fair to Showcase Lab Computer Services, Vendors' Products

On Monday, Oct. 25, the Federal Business Council will again sponsor an Information Technology Expo for all interested Lab employees. The expo will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Perseverance Hall, the conference room adjoining the Lab cafeteria in Bldg. 54. The expo is sponsored by the Federal Business Council and is one in a series scheduled to provide employees of government with information about different information technology products and services.
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This Month's Common Problem — and Solution

Beginning with this issue, Computing News will present a question frequently asked of the Help Desk, along with the most likely solution. This month's question addresses accessing reporting services provided by the Information Systems and Services Department, such as IRIS report subscriptions.
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Reminder: All Employees Should View Security - Information and Property Protection Website

Last month Director Shank requested that all LBNL employees visit the Security - Information and Property Protection Website to learn about such security topics as:

  • Berkeley Lab Security Plan
  • Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments
  • Berkeley Lab Export Control Brochure
  • DOE Export Control Guidance
  • Cyber Security Information
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New Virus Warning — Count2K Arrives Posing as Microsoft Application

A new "Trojan horse" type of virus is circulating, labeled as Count2K and falsely identified as a countdown to the year 2000 (Y2K). This virus is distributed as an email attachment (the self-extracting Y2KCOUNT.EXE) and lists as sender, "" The Lab's email virus wall is configured to catch this problem, but if you do receive a copy, don't open the attachment. Instead, forward it to
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Computing News to Amend Email Distribution Slightly

Beginning with the October issue, Berkeley Lab Computing News will slightly change its distribution method to make it uniform with the weekly Headlines newsletter. Computing News is currently produced in both html and plain text versions and employees can choose which version they receive.
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