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Act Now! Microsoft to Cancel Office Upgrade Advantage Program as of
March 31

Microsoft is withdrawing the 12-month Office Pro Upgrade Advantage program offer from the GC Micro portfolio, effective March 31, 1999. While Microsoft considers the program to be unprofitable, it's a good opportunity for Lab users of the Office Pro software suite (Word, Power Point and Excel).
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RTF Helps Bridge the Format Gap Between PCs and Macs

If you use a PC and get frustrated trying to open Microsoft Word documents created on a Macintosh, or find it equally frustrating the other way around, there's an easy way to bridge the gap. No, it's not installing a translator to decipher that coding that looks like alien writing. In fact, there's a Lab standard established to address this problem.
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Is Your Email System Running a Little Slow? Try These Tips.

Last year's rollout of the IMAP4 email system using Netscape Communicator has streamlined and enhanced the overall email service to most employees. The new service provides a standardized and robust system for the Lab, offers remote access via the web, and allows users to send and receive html-encoded messages. The system works well, and users can help keep messages moving by following a few tips.
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Sun Microsystems to Demo Latest Products at Lab on Friday, March 19

If you use a UNIX workstation, you're invited to drop in during Sun Microsystems Technology Day at Berkeley Lab this Friday, March 19, between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The event will be held in Perseverance Hall, the conference room adjacent to the Lab cafeteria.
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If You Have Y2K Questions, Lab's Y2K Website has Answers

Everywhere you turn these days, it seems like someone is offering yet another prediction of what will happen once the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, and computers with two-digit date fields will wreak cyber-havoc on date-dependent systems. How to cut through the hype and hyperbole? Visit the Lab's Y2K website and get real answers to questions such as . . .
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Berkeley Lab Computing News Here to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Computer

Berkeley Lab Computing News is the monthly electronic newsletter for Lab computer users. Computing News is produced by the Lab's Information and Computing Sciences Division, which is responsible for computer infrastructure support, computer protection and Lab-wide information systems and support.
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