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Have a Computer Security Question? Contact Your Division Liaison First

Berkeley Lab has been revamping and broadening its computer protection program for the past year. A key part of this program has been the reinvigoration of the Computer and Communications Security Committee, made up of representatives from all Lab divisions and major organizations. If employees have questions or problems concerning computer security, they should first contact their organization's liaison to the committee.
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SSH Provides Encryption for Increased Security Over Networks

As part of a renewed emphasis on secure computer connections, Berkeley Lab is phasing out such computer telecommunications applications as "telnet" and "rlogin" in favor of "SSH," the shorthand name for the Secure Shell application. By installing SSH on your computer, an encrypted connection is automatically set up each time you log into a system over a network.
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New Web Pages Offer User Support for Netscape Calendar 4.51

Netscape Calendar provides a convenient means to catalog and manage appointments and meetings. The new version of Calendar has been given both a tune-up and a facelift; it offers more utilities and an updated interface similar to Netscape Messenger.
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Y2K Brown Bag Meeting Wednesday, June 23, Noon, in Bldg. 50 Auditorium
Are you wondering what the Laboratory is doing to prepare for Y2K? Do you know what you should do? Do you know what tools are available to help you? You can learn the answers to these and other questions at a brown-bag meeting in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium at noon Wednesday, June 23, sponsored by the Laboratory's Y2K team. (The original announcement had a different date.)
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Office 2000 Available, But Industry Experts Advise Holding Off on Upgrade

The release this month of Microsoft's Office 2000 Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) has been greeted with more caution than enthusiasm. For example, the Gartner Group summarizes the situation by saying "While Office 2000 has impressive features, many organizations can safely bypass the expense and pain of an Office 2000 migration." Based on both outside reviews and an internal evaluation, the Lab's Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department is also advising employees to take a wait-and-see approach before deciding to upgrade to the new suite.
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Got Spam? Can Help Cut the Fat from Your Email Diet

According to a news report this week by the Associated Press, a survey by the Gartner Group found that more than 90 percent of email users get junk email at least once a week, and the number goes up the longer they've had an email address. To help hold back this flood, the Lab has an electronic "spamwall" to filter out many unwanted messages. But, occasionally, a slice of spam slips through. If you're the recipient, you can help strengthen the spam wall by forwarding the unwanted message to
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Berkeley Lab Computing News Here to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Computer

Berkeley Lab Computing News is the monthly electronic newsletter for Lab computer users. Computing News is produced by the Lab's Information and Computing Sciences Division, which is responsible for computer infrastructure support, computer protection and Lab-wide information systems and support.
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