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Lab Now Has Site-wide Subscription to Science Magazineís On-line Version

Lab employees can now read Science Magazine on their computers, thanks to a site-wide subscription arranged by the Labís Library. Science Online allows users to read the current issue of Science, search archives back a few years and sign up for email alerts about specific topics. The site also provides a news service of recent news articles. And itís all available to Lab employees at no cost (the Library joined a DOE group which negotiated licenses for various labs at a very low rate).
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Whatís a Trojan Horse and Why Should You Be Wary?

The old saying of "What you see is what you get" doesnít necessarily hold true these days, especially when it comes to computer programs, according to Lab Computer Protection Program Manager Jim Rothfuss. Some programs ostensibly do one thing, but secretly do another, usually nefarious task. One such malicious program has been in the news lately. It goes by several names: picture.exe, manager.exe, or URLsnoop.
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Lab Computer Training Adds New Classes To Schedule

The Labís on-site computer training program has been bolstered by the addition of several new classes. The courses are presented by AIM (Application Integration Methods), a firm contracted by the Lab to provide on-site computer training for employees. In order to hold a class, at least four employees need to sign up, so youíre encouraged to register as soon as you can. All classes are offered in the computer classroom in Bldg. 51L.
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What's Up with Microsoft Office 97/
Office 98?

If you use a Mac or a PC and have had trouble opening and reading email attachments, it's probably because the originator created those documents in a later version of Word, PowerPoint or Excel than the one currently running on your computer. To fix this, you may install the latest version of Office or select an alternative solution. If you havenít been keeping track, Office 98 is the Macintosh version of Office 97.
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Desktop Computer Help Is Just a Call Away -- X4357

If you're having problems with your computer, help is just a phone call away. The Help Desk (dial H-E-L-P or 4357) is a single-point-of-contact for Lab employees to obtain computer support. The six-person staff resolves about 80 percent of all calls on the spot, and refers the more difficult problems to the appropriate specialty group. Calls are assigned tracking numbers and entered in a tracking system to ensure that the problems remain very visible until they are fixed. You can also submit a help request using the Help Desk web form at
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Berkeley Lab Computing News Here to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Computer

Berkeley Lab Computing News is the monthly electronic newsletter for Lab computer users. Computing News is produced by the Labís Information and Computing Sciences Division, which is responsible for computer infrastructure support, computer protection and Lab-wide information systems and support.
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