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Will Your Computer Be OK in Y2K? Still Time for Last-Minute Checks

All Lab computer users are again reminded to ensure that their computer systems and applications are Y2K ready, and that when the computer's internal calendar rolls over to 01/01/2000, the system will be unaffected by the date change. The other option is to be prepared to cope with the results of an incorrect rollover or failure to recognize that 2000 is a leap year.
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Unix Systems Group Now Offers Security Tune-ups

The Unix Systems Group in the Computing Infrastructure Support Department is now offering a security tune-up service for users of Unix workstations. This service is offered for a flat fee of $90 — the cost of only one hour of desktop support — as an incentive for users to have the security on their UNIX system checked and updated.
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Lab's New Voice Mail System Lets You Check Messages on Your Computer

One of the features of the Lab's new and improved voice mail system is the capability of checking voice mail messages on your computer. Called Visual Messenger, the feature is a multimedia messaging application that lets users easily review and send voice and fax messages.
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Computer Protection Program to Scan Lab Computers for Vulnerabilities

On any given day, hackers from outside the Lab routinely scan LBNL's computers and networks looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Recently, for example, three Lab computers running the "sadmind" application were hacked into via a vulnerability. In a renewed effort to find and patch these vulnerabilities before intruders do so, the Lab's Computer Protection Program has started scanning Lab systems using a Lab-developed scanning routine.
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Tip of the Month: Changing SSH Font Sizes for LETS Log-ins

If you've already made the switch from "telnet" or "rlogin" to SSH, you may want to adjust the font size for logging in to LETS, the Lab's time-reporting system. It's an easy procedure. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit/Properties/Font
  2. Change font size and hit OK.
  3. Drag the bottom right corner of the screen until it reaches 80x24
  4. Click File/Save
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Warning: Y2K Poses a Tempting Timetable for Launching Computer Viruses

The Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability has relayed a warning from the FBI that "January 1, 2000, presents an appealing launch date for viruses. We assess the likelihood of malicious code incidents during the Y2K transition as high."
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CIS Planning to Create 'How-to' Guides for Computer Fixes — Your Ideas Welcomed

Each month, representatives of all Lab divisions meet to discuss computing and communications issues as members of the Computing and Communications Services Advisory Committee. At the December meeting, a couple of committee members lamented the disappearance of "how-to" features which were a staple of the Lab's old computing newsletter. One topic which came up as suitable for a "how-to" is the installation and use of SSH as a more secure way to send information over networks. Such a guide will be forthcoming, but the Computing Infrastructure Support Department would like to hear from employees regarding other computing topics in need of "how-to" treatments. Send your ideas to