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New Web Communications Products and Features to Roll Out Week of April 26

Starting Monday, April 26, the Computing Infrastructure Support Department will begin offering an array of new and improved products and services, some of them built around the latest version of Netscape Communicator 4.51. The products will first be available for users of PCs (starting Monday, April 26), then later in the week for Macintosh computers.
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Netscape Messenger 4.51 Email is Faster, More Flexible

Netscape Messenger, the Lab's standard email application, is being upgraded with the rollout of version 4.51. This IMAP4 email system will be faster, more flexible and easier to access from remote locations.
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New Netscape Calendar is More Reliable, Easier To Use

Although it boasts a number of new features, the new version of Netscape Calendar should look familiar to Lab users of the IMAP4 email system. The new Calendar version has the same overall look and feel of Netscape Messenger email, according to Curtis McDonald, the Lab's Netscape Calendar Master.
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"My LBNL" Allows You To Customize an Intranet Page of Lab Information Resources

The Lab offers a wealth of information on its web pages, but sometimes tracking down what you're looking for can be time-consuming. If you've ever thought there should be an easier way of finding things, there is — now. A new web application, called My LBNL, allows employees to individually customize a web site incorporating the various web pages they often visit, as well as add some new data points.
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Lab Revs Up More Powerful Search Engine
Beginning Monday, April 26, the Lab's standard search engine will be Ultraseek, a commercial application from Infoseek. Unlike the Lab's previous search engine, which allowed employees to search only specific areas of the Lab's web sites, Ultraseek lets you look for documents anywhere within the domain. You can also include the domains and
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How to Check on the Status of Your Computer Trouble Ticket

The Lab's Computer Support Help Desk now offers a web site where employees can check on how their computer problem is being handled. When you call the Help Desk (at X4357 or H-E-L-P) or file a web-based request for help, a "trouble ticket" describing the problem is created. The tracking system will also send you a short description of the problem as reported and the number of your trouble ticket.
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Computing News Here to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Computer

Berkeley Lab Computing News is the monthly electronic newsletter for Lab computer users. Computing News is produced by the Lab's Information and Computing Sciences Division, which is responsible for computer infrastructure support, computer protection and Lab-wide information systems and support.
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