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What is Berkeley Lab Computing News?

Welcome to the first issue of Berkeley Lab Computing News, an electronic newsletter designed to give Lab computer users more information about their desktop systems.
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Computer Help Desk a Great Place to Start When You Need Help

Each week, the Computer Help Desk, run by the Computing Infrastructure Support Department, receives up to 1,000 calls for assistance -- and resolves about 80 percent of those inquiries on the spot.
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New CompUSA-EDS Contract for Desktop Maintenance

The Lab is now contracting with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and CompUSA for desktop computer hardware maintenance and repair. The arrangement allows Lab organizations to buy parts using a ProCard.
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Internet-Based PC Backup System is Secure, Automatic

Lab employees who use PCs and want reliable backup service for their computer files can subscribe to an Internet-based service through the Lab's Mac/PC Support Group. Cost is $50 for the initial setup and $25 per month for unlimited backups and retrieval.
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Internet Security Class to be Offered Here on Friday, Nov. 6

The Lab's Computer Protection Program is offering a day-long class at the Lab on Internet security, with an emphasis on Windows NT, on Friday, Nov. 6. There is no charge for the class, but you need to register in advance.
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Anti-Virus Filter Checks Incoming Mail for Infections

News reports last month about security flaws in Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator which would allow "trojan horses" to arrive hidden in incoming email have prompted several inquries about the Lab's email system.
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Secure Your Computer -- Lock Up That Laptop

Laptop computers are lighter, more powerful, easier to use and more common than ever. While these attributes make the machines a boon for computer users on the go, they also make the computers attractive targets for thieves. Here are a few tips to keep your laptop from vanishing.
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IBM Mainframe Going, Going, Gone

Oct. 6 marked the end of an era at the Lab when the last IBM mainframe computer business applications, property management and accounting, made its final runs on the system.
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Goodbye Meeting Maker, Hello Netscape Calendar

Meeting Maker's days are numbered as the Lab's calendaring application and a series of noon-hour seminars are being offered to familiarize employees with Netscape Calendar.
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