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Berkeley Lab Computing News Here to Help Desktop System Users

Welcome to the second issue of Berkeley Lab Computing News. This monthly electronic newsletter is designed to give Lab computer users more information about their desktop systems.
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New Agreement Makes Ordering Dell Laptops Easier, Better

A new Basic Ordering Agreement, or BOA, now makes it possible to buy Dell laptop PCs in three standardized configurations using the Lab’s Procurement Card.
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On-Site Training Offered in Various Desktop Applications

The Lab offers a wide range of training classes for computer users. Classes are taught by AIM, an outside computer training vendor. Half-day and one-day courses are given on a variety of desktop applications — Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access and Windows.
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Latest Anti-Virus Software Now Available For PCs

Lab employees who uses PCs can now equip their machines with the latest version of the preferred anti-virus software, called F-PROT/Command AntiVirus. According to the Lab’s Computer Protection Program Manager, Jim Rothfuss, viruses are constantly proliferating and the best way to keep your system safe is to install the latest bug-fighting applications as they are released.
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Jim Rothfuss Is Lab's New Computer Security Manager

Jim Rothfuss, who joined the Information and Computing Sciences Division in July as the Lab's Computer Protection Program Manager, remembers the days when "computer security" meant locking your office door so no one would steal or "borrow" your computer. These days, the break-ins of greatest concern are committed by hackers via network connections and can have repercussions far beyond the single machine hit by an attacker.
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For Further Reading — Two Reports on Different Aspects of Y2K

Much is being said and written about the looming potential problems associated with many computer systems’ inability to recognize the year 2000, or y2k, when it rolls around in 13 months. A couple of interesting articles are available on the web.
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Desktop Problems? Who You Gonna Call? The Help Desk—4357

If you’re having problems with your computer, help is just a phone call away.
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