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New Computing Support Website is Gateway to Getting Help

The Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department — the folks who provide support from the Help Desk to technical repairs — has a new web site offering Lab computer users information on topics ranging from email to Novell servers to backups to getting help for Mac, PC and UNIX machines.
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New Survey to Gauge Satisfaction with Computer Support at Lab

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department has launched a new service to measure employee satisfaction with computer support efforts at the Lab. Although administered through the Help Desk, the survey seeks employee input on all aspects of computer support, from contacting the Help Desk to receiving technical support.
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When Is a Virus Not a Virus?
When It's a Hoax!

You may have seen them — dire warnings in email messages about this new virus or that one which will destroy all the data in your computer, melt your disk drive and perhaps cancel all your credit cards. The Budweiser virus came camouflaged as a cool screen saver, one warned. Another promised "GET MORE MONEY." Happily, according to Jim Rothfuss, the Labís Computer Protection Program Manager, nearly every one of these doom-and-gloom messages is a hoax.
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Attention All Linux Users: Help for Securing System is Available

If you have a PC running the Linux operating system, you are a target for malicious hackers. If improperly configured, your system might be compromised and stripped of valuable data, or worse, used as a stepping stone for attacks against other systems. Last month, a Linux user here at the Lab lost significant data because of a malicious hacker who exploited Linux vulnerabilities to break in and destroy data.
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New Macintosh Operating System Powerful, but Sensitive

Appleís new operating system (OS) for the Macintosh, OS 8.5.1, has been released and offers much faster networking capability, powerful new search features and other features. However, to run at optimal speed and to avoid system crashes, the new OS needs to have a "clean install," which means removing and reinstalling most other applications.
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Lab Gives Old Blue the Heave-Ho

This IBM mainframe computer which had been running all of the Labís administrative applications is on its way out, thanks to server technology.
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Videos of Internet Security Classes Available for Loan

If you missed the "Connecting to the Internet Securely: NT Focus" class presented at the Lab in November by DOE's Computer Incident Advisory Capability, you can still get the information.
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Berkeley Lab Computing News Here to Help Desktop System Users

Berkeley Lab Computing News is a monthly electronic newsletter designed to give Lab computer users more information about their desktop systems. Computing News is produced by the Labís Information and Computing Sciences Division, which is responsible for computer infrastructure support, computer protection and Lab-wide information systems and support.
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