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Preventing spam (Unsolicited E-mail)

spam is unsolicited e-mail usually sent to a large number of people that usually tries to sell something or get people involved in some sort of scam. As the Internet grows, so does the problem of spam. More and more people are getting more of these spam e-mailings. For this reason, the Lab is taking steps to reduce the amount of spam we receive.

Berkeley Lab Antispam Efforts

The Lab's main email gateway is now running a version of sendmail that includes various spam control features. Further, our Lab email gateway uses the Brightmail spam-protection service to tag suspected spam.

sendmail anti-spam rules

Selective Blocking The lab maintains a small set of server-side filters to block long-term, high volume abusers of our system.
Third Party Relay Blocking

A major contributing factor to the spam problem is the ability for spammers to relay their e-mail through third party servers, making it difficult to track it back to the originator. This is called "third-party relay."

For more information on why we need to block this kind of relaying, see this webpage entitled "What is Third-Party Mail Relay".

Therefore, the Lab does not permit "third-party relay." Mail that comes into our server from outside the Lab that is also addressed only to addresses outside the Lab is rejected.

Sender Address Checking

A hallmark of spam is that the sender address (the "From:" address) is often not valid, since spammers generally don't want you to be able to respond to the message. So, the sender address on all messages is now checked to make sure it at least refers to a real computer on the Internet.

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How to report spam mail

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How to Reduce the Amount of spam you receive

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Filtering out mail from certain people

Sometimes you may want not to get mail from certain people although that person's email is not itself spam. In such cases, we will not block the mail at lbl.gov but rather encourage you to use a Netscape Messenger filter to delete or refile any email from the specific sender address.
For help in setting up a filter, please visit our IMAP4 FAQ

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